• A little Wine

    Tom Douglas’ best of Washington Wine List

    As the holidays approach, and as I get older, quicker than ever, we may get invites to parties, dinners, and other activities. The saying goes, you “shouldn’t go empty-handed,” and so in that spirit, I have grabbed this list from Tom Douglas’ Chef’s Walk in Seattle book  that I have used to try other eateries […]

  • icedcoffee

    Perfect Iced Coffee

    Did I tell you that my kid sister is staying with us again? More on that some other time (lets just say that she brings a new “smell” to this home of 4 males).  One thing she knows well is good coffee.  I introduced her to the cold brew method of making coffee and so […]

  • Traditional bread

    Homemade “No Knead” Artisan Bread

    Bread. It deserves so much more than I can give it here in this paltry blog post. There are religious, cultural, and now dietary rants centered around this mythical mix of flour, water, and yeast, (and maybe another ingredient or two…salt? honey?). Some day I plan on writing a complete thesis on bread, but I […]

  • irish-mike-cheese2

    Cheese 101 – Caring for Cheese by Calf & Kid

    CHEESE 101 Reprinted with permission from Calf & Kid, Seattle WA Storing Cheese Cheese is alive, and like all living things, it needs to breathe. Fresh cheeses should be eaten within a few days after purchase, while aged cheeses may store well several days when properly cared for. Most cheeses will store best loosely wrapped in […]

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  • Oven Baked Bacon

    I love bacon. Frankly, unless you eat Kosher, who doesn’t?  It may be a tad overrated, but it appears to be here to stay. Oven Baked Bacon Cover your cookie […]

    Friday Wrap Up

    What a week! Is it just me or is time going by faster and faster? I was warned that as my kids get older, time would only move along quicker. […]

    Pork Braised in Milk

    The idea that mixing the meat of one animal with the milk of another sounds rather oft-putting.  It doesn’t have to be, but it is. It sounds gross. So, as I […]

    Cider Pressing

    Now this is the way to spend a beautiful fall day in the Pacific NW!   We were blessed to be included in a cider pressing with this year’s bumper […]

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