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    Christmas Gift Guide for 2015

    In the spirit of imitation being the greatest form of flattery, I too am going to post a Christmas Gift Guide for this year. You may notice a theme as all of the ingredients are connected to eating or drinking in some way (weird, right?) So, if you have anyone on your list that loves […]

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    How to Open a Bottle Without an Opener | The Art of Manliness

    ALWAYS an important skill gents! So you’ve found yourself in the pickle of having some cold brews, but no bottle opener. What is one to do? Fear not! These 9 MacGyver-esque tricks will get it open in no time. Source: How to Open a Bottle Without an Opener | The Art of Manliness

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    Grain Free for One Month – The Results are In!

    So in January of this year I took a month off of grain (mostly).  The goal was threefold: 1) see if I felt any difference physically, 2) see if I would lose weight, and 3) get people (including the internet) off my back regarding how evil grain is.  I got my older three boys onboard […]

  • icedcoffee

    Perfect Iced Coffee

    Did I tell you that my kid sister is staying with us again? More on that some other time (lets just say that she brings a new “smell” to this home of 4 males).  One thing she knows well is good coffee.  I introduced her to the cold brew method of making coffee and so […]

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    Cheese 101 – Caring for Cheese by Calf & Kid

    CHEESE 101 Reprinted with permission from Calf & Kid, Seattle WA Storing Cheese Cheese is alive, and like all living things, it needs to breathe. Fresh cheeses should be eaten within a few days after purchase, while aged cheeses may store well several days when properly cared for. Most cheeses will store best loosely wrapped in […]

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