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    Homemade “No Knead” Artisan Bread

    Bread. It deserves so much more than I can give it here in this paltry blog post. There are religious, cultural, and now dietary rants centered around this mythical mix of flour, water, and yeast, (and maybe another ingredient or two…salt? honey?). Some day I plan on writing a complete thesis on bread, but I […]

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    SEATTLE – Five Quick Stops at Pike Place Market

    Five Quick Stops at Pike Place Market Pike Place Market. Outside of the rain, doesn’t get much more Seattle than this place. Just ask the producers of the NFL. Every time the Seahawks are on TV, especially the “big games” there is the obligatory shot of the flying fish and the giant red letters jettisoning […]

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    Cheese 101 – Caring for Cheese by Calf & Kid

    CHEESE 101 Reprinted with permission from Calf & Kid, Seattle WA Storing Cheese Cheese is alive, and like all living things, it needs to breathe. Fresh cheeses should be eaten within a few days after purchase, while aged cheeses may store well several days when properly cared for. Most cheeses will store best loosely wrapped in […]

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