BELLEVUE – Korean Inspired Goodness in a Bowl at Oma Bap

BELLEVUE – Korean Inspired Goodness in a Bowl at Oma Bap

A new Korean-inspired restaurant has popped up in downtown Bellevue on the corner of 2nd and Bellevue Way. This restaurant’s most popular item is the BiBimBap (pronounced Bee-Beem-Bop), a bowl of infused goodness. It is simple. After you choose your rice (white or brown), and then your protein (Korean BBQ pork, beef, chicken, or tofu), your bowl is assembled with an array of veg (pickled cucumber, carrot, sprouts, cabbage, mushrooms, and lettuce) and is topped with a beautiful fried egg!
Add your choice of Asian hot or mild sauces and mix well. The mixing is the key to this simple, extraordinarily delicious bowl as that will ensure that all of the flavors come together.

Make sure you stop by Oma Bap for lunch when in downtown Bellevue. Fun, simple, and the only one anywhere.
How to get there: Oma Bap, 120 Bellevue Way, Bellevue WA (corner of NE 2nd and Bellevue Way in Downtown Bellevue)

Michael Smith is the founder and frequent contributor to FoodbeatNW. 


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