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PrintWe are so spoiled in the Pacific Northwest. Not only are we home to great people, but we are home to some of the best soil an ice age could leave behind. In this nutrient-rich, volcanic dirt, grows some of the worlds very best wheat, barley, and hops. These three ingredients, combined with our conviction to artisanal craftsmanship, is a recipe for a beverage that has been used to celebrate, mourn, and quench thirst for hundreds of years…beer.

Our goal was quite simple, to try as many of the micro brews we have available around the Pacific Northwest. We have made it easy. The beer either has to come from Washington and Oregon.

Like so many other things, life got in the way and we moved onto other projects. The vision, however, has not died.

We have expanded Brewbeat Northwest to not only include local, NW micro brew, but also a DIY section to brew ANYTHING at home. Ginger beer, cider, ale, and so forth. Look for tips, tricks, ideas, explosions, mistakes, and hopefully a little success. We will also include reviews of local pubs, and will do our best to let you know of upcoming events! Our goal is to grow community around beer.



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