Chocolate “Bloom”

Chocolate “Bloom”

Originally posted in the Firebird Chocolate Blog.

Sure we are all grateful for the nice hot and sunny weather right? While it is great for those trips to the lake, floating down the river (which I was able to do this past weekend in North Idaho!), and getting a sun tan, the heat is not as friendly and can wreak havoc on our favorite treat…chocolate.

I was approached a couple of times in the past two weeks about the grayish, “cloudy” look that seems to be appearing on some chocolate lately. While we at Firebird go to great lengths to pack our chocolate with cold packs, etc. to keep the temperature steady, sometimes the chocolate can melt a touch, and then when it re-hardens, this discoloration begins to show, sometimes just in little patches on the chocolate treat. This is called “bloom.” Although for “fancier” chocolate, it could mean that the chocolate hasn’t been tempered properly or enough (the process of incorporating air and cooling the chocolate at a slow and steady rate), with all of this sunshine, chances are it is weather related. Take a look at the following picture…of course I am going to pick on Hershey’s as you may find this sort of discoloration on your camping supplies this summer!

Rest assured, even though it doesn’t look that attractive, it DOES NOT mean that the chocolate has spoiled nor will it affect the taste believe it or not.

So, if you have noticed that your chocolate, from anyone, has changed a little color, don’t fret, it should still be very delicious and will turn your baked goods or your snacking habits into pure pleasure…even if not as aesthetically pleasing!

For more information, take a look at what Wikipedia has to say here.


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