One of the things I love to do is cook. It unwinds me. It provides therapy. It keeps me creative and challenges me in ways so many other things simply can not. I didn’t want to “that guy” and simply post a bunch of random recipes, but wanted to do something both fun and purposeful. My cooking section contains recipes, tips and tricks, and fun how to sections on topics that matter to me…such as:


Simply put, we try and sit down for dinner at home every night.  It is tough to be sure, but worth it.  I believe like Ronald Reagan said “All great change in America begins at the dinner table.”  It is a place to debrief, connect, and reset. I share recipes that can be put together even with the most hectic of weeks.


Yep, you know it…these are the recipes that EVERY GOOD BOY should know. Want to live on your own on food other than Top Ramen and Kraft the Cheesiest? How about cooking for the kids, the wife, the significant other, the potluck? Wow your friends with fun, tasty, and “go-to” recipes.

Happy Eating!


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