Deschutes Brewery: Black Butte Porter

Guest blog post by Matt Anderson. You can follow him on Twitter @supermatt28.

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Hello everyone! I’m back for a third one post this week! This time I am going to be looking at Deschutes Black Butte Porter! This is Deschutes first beer, and their Flagship (kind of like the Enterprise in Star Trek, only drinkable.)

This beer yields a dark cream-colored head that is thick and sits atop the beer for a good while. The aroma is warm and reminds one of roasted grain, or loaf of hearty and fresh bread! Upon sipping this Porter, one notices something odd about ale that is traditionally heavier on the malts. It starts with a sharp hop flavor! This flavor gives way to a more smooth and rounded out flavor that one expects in a porter. The finish is reminiscent of dark chocolate and roasted grains! So good, you should probably stop reading and go get a 6 pack now to enjoy while you finish.

Black Butte is a 5.2% abv and has a 30 IBU rating. As you can see below, I gave this a rather high approachability rating. I feel like most people coming to beer for the first time or trying to get into craft beer are afraid of darker beers because they think they will be to intense. In my opinion though, many of these darker beers are much smoother and have gentler flavors than IPAs, some Pale Ales and even some Red Ales. Really, and this is totally opinion, if you like coffee, you’ll more than likely love darker beers. So if you are trying to find a good craft beer to get started with this might be it!

That being said I feel that some of the Over All Ratings for the first two Deschutes beers are not a fair reflection. The Mirror Pond and Inversion are more hoppy and bitter beers than this one, and thus I feel less likely to be enjoyed by those new to craft beers.

Anyway, a few last tid-bits. I chose a stemed glass, for this beer that closes in near the top, this is a Stout/Porter glass, I would recommend this if you have one. Additionally I would also recommend a heavier meal with this beer, steak, or a burger. The Deschutes website recommends: Salmon & Wild Rice, Elk Burger or Onion Soup. At any rate, go get some. Bottoms up and enjoy!

Over All-Rating: 9.25

Approachability (for new comers): 8

Flavor: 9

Pour/head: 10

Bouquet: 10

Here is the link to the next Deschutes write ups:



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