Deschutes Brewery: Inversion IPA

Deschutes Brewery:  Inversion IPA

A guest blog post by Matt Anderson. You can follow him on Twitter @supermatt28.

Hello PNWers (and anyone else happening upon this post)! I’m back again, two posts in one week I know it’s crazy. I am going to be bringing the second installment of my 4 part (maybe longer) Deschutes Brewery Series! Today we will examine a wonderfully hoppy ale by the Deschutes guys called Inversion.

IPAs are one of my favorite brews, why? Because of the liberal use of the hop! Anyone remember those old beer commercials with the bitter beer face? Well obviously, those guys hate good beers especially one like the Inversion! This beer has a lovely bitter flavor to it. It weighs in at a whopping 80 IBUs (I guess it doesn’t really weigh in here, but you get the point)! If I recall correctly this is the highest IBU in a beer that I’ve ever rated.

The hops are most definitely the first thing that you notice in this beer, as it is very pronounced and pleasantly overwhelming. However, there are subtle flavors that do peak through if you know to look for them. The hops are most noticeable on the back of the tongue; if you wash Inversion over your entire tongue, you will notice a more subtle and hidden malt flavor along the side.

Compared to the Mirror Pond Pale Ale, this beer appears to be a few shades darker. Its bouquet also has a more fruit filled aroma, and I believe I detected a hint of some kind of berry in there as well. I am a big fan of Fish’n’Chips with an IPA. The Deschutes website recommends their Blue Bacon Burger, or Hop Infused Cheesecake! At any rate go out and buy a 6 pack or two of this stuff, it’s worth every penny! Bottoms up and enjoy!

Over All-Rating: 8.5

Approachability (for new comers): 6

Flavor: 9

Pour/head: 9

Bouquet: 10



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