Food Facts: A Quick Guide To Tea – Caffeine and Ideal Brewing Times

A Quick Guide to Tea – Caffeine

Source: Market Spice at Pike Place Market

Compared to coffee, good quality tea can be a lovely way to perk up and enjoy a flavorful hot beverage. Compared to its java counterpart, you see that even Black Tea has only half the caffeine content that black coffee does. Here is a quick guide to your favorites:

New loose teas - 1

  • Herbal/rooibos: 0
  • Decaf Tea: 4 mg
  • White Tea: 15 mg
  • Oolong Tea: 30 mg
  • Green Tea: 30 mg
  • Black Tea: 50 mg
  • Coffee: 100 mg

Ideal Brewing Times for Tea

Regardless of your preference, like a good french press of coffee, there really is an IDEAL brewing/steeping time for your favorite tea. Here is a quick resource.

Spiced Tea, Hold the Rust

Black: 3-5 mins

Green: 2 mins

Oolong: 3-7 mins

White: 2-5 mins

Pu Erh 3-5 mins

Rooibos: 2-5 mins

What is your favorite tea and what time of the day do you most enjoy drinking it?



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