Friday Reflections

Friday Reflections

What a week (and a half)!

Thank you to all who have prayed and sent in their support and love to my family.

I don’t know where to begin exactly so I will share a few things that were non medical related that brought me some happiness this week.

While in Spokane, I was able to go to O’Doherty’s Irish Grille several times (pub I worked at when the mortgage biz was slim). That made me happy. Course it could be that they kept buying me my first pint…

O'Doherty's Irish Pub

Also hit up Manito Tap House (thank you Uncle Bob and Aunt Chris). I had the lamb philly cheesesteak sandwich and a delicious Hot Fuzz (?) brew from Elysian in Seattle. Popped by No Li (formerly Northern Lights Brewing) as well for a couple of beverages and some appetizers. One of my oldest son Nate’s favorite places.

Was very happy to swing by Bennidito’s pizza as well up on Monroe on Spokane’s south hill. Beer buddies and a half Maui Wowie and half Grand Blvd made two cousins, my son and I very happy.

Speaking of happiness, apparently there is some research behind what happy people do differently. Long, but neat article.

Want to know what else made me happy this week?  Sharing humor with my mom and many other family members. Humor is what my family uses to cope I suppose, and there was plenty. You know what? It helped.

My summer beverage of choice, the Dark and Stormy, made me happy too. Quite possibly enjoyed two of them with my cousin Chuck when over at his family’s home for dinner. I used Kraken Black Spiced Rum and Crabbie’s Ginger beer from England.

Remember the movie Prince of Egypt? This made me happy too (not embarrassed either).

This recipe for asparagus pasta (Ruhlman) with a fried egg, will make you happy and your vegan friends sad.

Cheers. Be Happy.


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      • Once again, the most amazing pitruces of my daughter and her family. You have such a talent for capturing Hudson and Kate and their unique personalities. The family pitruces are fantastic!!!Thank-you. Grandma Deb

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