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Hey Boy, You Ready to Learn to Cook?

In my opinion, most cookbooks are either written with women in mind, or as mini biographies of one’s favorite chefs. We get the book, thumb through it, look at the pictures, and maybe try one or two recipes. The book then usually gets sent to the shelf, or better yet, propped up in a book stand on the counter as a decoration. Some of the recipes in those cookbooks are intimidating, lets be honest. Souffle, foie gras, and sweet breads may look and taste good in a fine French restaurant but prepare it in your own home? Are you kidding? Where would you even find some of those ingredients? Plus, how much money do you have to spend on screwing it up before you can invite your sweetheart over to impress her? Many wannabe cooks have given up for less. Fear not lads, this blog won’t intimidate even the most inexperienced novice. It is designed to give you an overview of cooking methods and ingredients that will help you talk and look like you know what you are doing in the kitchen. Written with wit, charm, and some sarcasm, this cookbook should read more like a book read for entertainment AND usefulness. Some of the recipes are designed to stand alone, while others will have a few variations of the base recipe so you can more mileage out of it (think chicken breast). I will also include some “ghetto fabulous” recipes at the end of each chapter. Although not necessarily from impoverished parts of America, these food items hearken from the best of canned, processed, boxed, and otherwise homogenized ingredients. They may be loaded in salt and weird chemicals, but they do taste fabulous.

Also, I have included some ethnic recipes as well. The ethnic dishes are there by design, to help you, bro, to look like you are culturally literate and aware. You too, are well travelled, and studied. Imagine cooking a bowl of Pho (Vietnamese beef noodle soup) and when asked where the tasty soup came from (we are all familiar with Chinese soups like won ton or egg flower, but Vietnam?), or “it doesn’t take like any soup I have ever had,” you will have 90 or so seconds to share your culinary journey with your friends. Whether it is Pho, or a Cuban sandwich, or some authentic Italian dishes, yep, even you will appear to have depth.

The Goal

At the end of the day, the goal is to empower men everywhere with basic cooking skills and equip them with some fantastic recipes that whether the meal is designed for a romantic dinner with a lady friend, a neighborhood potluck, or when guests come over, you can be ready to step up and show them you have some cooking chops.

First Up – EGGS


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