ISSAQUAH – Macky’s Dim Sum in Gilman Village

ISSAQUAH – Macky’s Dim Sum in Gilman Village

Authentic Dim Sum in Issaquah…no foolin. Tucked in and around other restaurants and the “cute shops” of the Gilman Village, Macky’s comes highly recommended and surely does not disappoint. The friendly staff brings their steaming carts of food choices, pointing to several they “recommend” and you are immediately staring at lots of great “finger food” to eat any time of day (even though Dim Sum, especially in Hong Kong, is traditionally a breakfast food) to devour.

Me? I had the steamed meaty rice wrapped in lotus leaf, the most delicious pork spare ribs in black bean sauce and pillows of BBQ pork steamed buns. Lots of great Asian food in Seattle area and this Issaquah outpost is no exception. Try it with your kids…it is the most fun eating you will have had in a long time!



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