My Family in the 70’s – Meet the Fam


My mom is going through a lot right now. In fact, she needs a miracle. I believe in miracles.

Let me introduce you to her, circa 1979 (ish).

Meet my mom, dad, sister and a mini version of Irish Mike.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support!


6 thoughts on “My Family in the 70’s – Meet the Fam”

  • Back in Hickory,Indiana, food was something that bonded my family, friends, and community together. And let’s not forget the 1952 state championship basketball team! A lot of our friends were the local growers of much of what we ate, so locally grown meant so much more then.

    I have enjoyed reading your posts and will continue to pray for your mom!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Brian…I mean Jimmy Chitwood 😉

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    • Shannon, what a fun picture! You look aaordble. I’m so glad you’ve had amazing friends in London, especially to help you with your struggles with your kids. You look so happy and I’m glad for you for the times you can get out and just have fun. Looking forward to having you back in the states. I’d LOVE to see you sometime soon… Ann

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