Ripple Project – A Clear Vision and a New Website!

Ripple Project – A Clear Vision and a New Website!

The time has come. Another great chapter opens for The Ripple Project.  As you may remember, The Ripple Project was a non profit organization originally founded by my sister, Molly and I, back in in 2009.  The original vision of RP was to build a non profit focused on education, child sponsorship, micro finance, and health and wellness, primarily in Africa with a more pointed focus on Ethiopia.

Over the last couple of years a few things have changed, the vision has clarified and we were adopted!  Molly resigned to pursue her work in Cyprus and started the child sponsorship program, Pure Religion, this past year as a mercy project of Gateways Beyond, in Cyprus.  This is very exciting as they have already placed over a dozen young Ethiopian children with sponsors around the world. On her most recent trip in May of this year, she was able to interview more families, and is looking to expand the influence of this great program that is focused on health, wellness, spirituality, and the education of Ethiopian children.

The vision clarified in that “health and wellness” became more focused. The Ripple Project’s vision was adjusted to focus primarily on access to safe and clean water.  The water issues in the developing world have been written about extensively, and thanks to great organizations like Charity:Water and Blood:Water Mission, and other international NGO’s (Non Government Organizations-the international term for non profit), more and more people are becoming aware of this GLOBAL need.  The statistics surrounding the need for access to clean and safe water are astounding.  We consolidated some of this statistics here but the bottom line, is that this is still a HUGE need, and we have to do whatever we can to reduce the need for hospital beds, contribute to the education of students and family, by bringing clean and safe water to those that need it most.

Last December I wrote a piece announcing the formal closing down of The Ripple Project as a legal entity, while the vision, mission, and name would carry on through an effective, dynamic organization in the International Assistance Program (IAP).  Last December, the IAP board formally adopted the vision of The Ripple Project as their own. John Leland, board member of IAP and longtime advocate and project champion of RP, is taking the lead on developing RP into a life giving project around Africa and in other parts of the world.

The focus in 2012 and 2013 are two distinct water projects, one at the Sawla Children’s Home in Ghana, and one in northern Ethiopia in 2013.  We are building funding campaigns around these two projects in the coming months.

As part of this transition, and as the board of IAP continues to move forward, a new website was recently launched this past week.   The new and improved IAP website is awesome! Special thanks to North by Northwest’s web team who helped put this great site together!

Here is How You Can Help

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There will be much to share over the next few months, and we look forward to not only inviting you along as a fan, but as an active volunteer, and contributor.  Please help us reach the poorest of the poor, especially in access to clean and safe water!


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