OREGON: Rogue Brewery’s Chipotle Ale – Guest Post by Matt Anderson

OREGON: Rogue Brewery’s Chipotle Ale – Guest Post by Matt Anderson

Guest Blog Post by Matt Anderson.

I love me some Rogue Ales, and I love me some Chipotle peppers, normally in something a sauce or the like. I have never had them combined, nor would I ever have imagined them together. As I walked down the beer aisle I saw chipotle on a bottle and thought, “well that’s a disaster waiting to happen.” Then I saw the Rogue label and changed my mind quickly, and decided I best grab it and drink it, and now here we are.

As I poured this beer into the glass, I first noticed the beautiful golden brown hue of the beer. The head developed generously and in a lighter almost white color. My next experience was so take in the bouquet of the ale, initially I smelled a light almost floral tone of the ale provided by the hops, followed by a more forceful sharp malt smell. At this point I expected great things from the Chipotle Ale. As I took my first sip I was not disappointed. Initially I noticed that the chipotle flavor was a little underplayed, however, as the beer warmed up a bit the pepper flavor became more pronounced in the after taste of the beer.

Now, in my opinion, spicy food pair oddly well with a beer that has a hopped flavor to it. While this ale is only has a 35 IBU rating, the hops used are pronounced in this ale up front, followed by the pepper and smoky malt flavor. It provides a unique flavor yet pleasing flavor combination. A few final details: I used a craft pub glass for this beer. As I continually seem to be emphasizing the glass that closes in towards the top a bit captures the head and bouquet a little better than your standard glass. However, a standard glass will serve just fine here. Also, a chicken or pork dish are ideal pairings for this beer, especially if spiced correctly! Bottoms up and enjoy!

Over All-Rating: 8.25

Approachability (for new comers): 8

Flavor: 8

Pour/head: 8

Bouquet:  9


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