SEATTLE – Cafe da Pino

SEATTLE – Cafe da Pino

Five tables of Calabrian-style Italian food, Cafe da Pino is a quaint, simple Italian restaurant with a connected to old-world pasta and its simpler, tastier, supporting cast. Pino has been hand crafting sausage, coppa, salami, and other cured meats for many years around Seattle. Long time resident of Rainier Ave South, Cafe da Pino is now located off 65th and 22nd in the Ravenna neighborhood on the edge of Wedgewood in Seattle.

In the US, pasta dishes tend to focus on the sauce (gravy…really) where as all over Italy, the focus for pasta dishes is the pasta itself, maybe accompanied with a simple cream, tomato or pesto designed to “draw out” the toothsome texture and taste of the noodle with simple additional ingredients (i.e. cheese, herbs, and meat).  Dinner at Cafe da Pino’s started with a simple antipasti which consisted of a small plate of coppa, pino, and cacciatore (cured meats), a little cheese, and a simply-pickled medley of vegetables. A perfect pre dinner menu offering.

Following the antipasti, the pesto ravioli with ricotta and the house made sausage with tomato penne were so simple and yet so tasty, a strange sense of completeness and satisfaction was felt, yet not stuffed. Although I personally love WA and OR wine, the Italian table wine, Chianti, was a perfect match for these simple pasta dishes.

Call ahead if you have more than 4 in your party, and try to leave room for the home made tiramisu, and make sure you take some cured meats home with you right out of Pino’s case.

Little known fact: @tuttabella sources their cured meats for their Neapolitan pies from Pino.

Open for a simple lunch menu and dinner specials written on a small chalkboard, Cafe da Pino is not just a “cute neighborhood spot” but should be considered well-worth-the-drive from anywhere in King County.

How to get there: Cafe da Pino and Salumeria 2207 NE 65th St., Seattle, WA



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