SEATTLE/MAGNOLIA: Serendipity on Magnolia provides peace and LOTS of comfort

SEATTLE/MAGNOLIA: Serendipity on Magnolia provides peace and LOTS of comfort

Found online, and then confirmed with a local minister believe it or not, Serendipity in the “village” on Magnolia hill is simply perfect.  A great breakfast/brunch menu as well as a simple and totally delicious lunch menu, this is a perfect neighborhood cafe up in this great Seattle neighborhood.

For the food, they serve Caffe Vita coffee, which is hard to beat, especially their drip, and have several local bakeries that supply their pastries, including Macrina, Grand Central, and Mighty O. In addition to this commitment to local vendors, I have to tell you that I simply have not had a better Mac n Cheese than here. It is called the “American Dream” and appears on their brunch menu and comes highly recommended!  Lightly creamed, perfect pasta with fresh spinach, crunch local bacon, sun-dried and regular tomatoes all topped with two eggs sunnyside up (have I ever admitted to being an egg slut?) and it was simply a perfect brunch dish. Washed down with the Vita drip, it made a lightly sunny day in Seattle, simply splendid. Not too heavy, and TOTALLY satisfying.

I don’t know how often you get to Magnolia, but if you head over to visit Fort Lawton, take a nice drive overlooking Elliott Bay, or simply want to explore an older neighborhood in Seattle, the drive through Magnolia is a great way to spend a few hours in Seattle.

Have a sweet tooth after? Catch Cocoa and Cream or the Seattle Pie Company to get some homespun cures to the sweet tooth. Have a blast, it is a gorgeous spot West of downtown.

How to get there: Serendipity, 3222 W. McGraw Seattle, WA

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