“Steakhouse” Dressing

“Steakhouse” Dressing

My wife has done a good job getting all of us heathens to eat more salad. Which is good, I think.  Supposedly it is good for digestion, my health and so forth, but the jury is still out, I mean, I am still a big boy…so…

Anyway, if we are to eat salad and try to have a least one salad as a “meal” each week, I figured I would try to make it delicious, nutritious, and of course filling, especially for the athletes round here.  They need to eat healthy but also seem to need some meat.

There are a lot of bottled dressings out there and most of them, frankly, are just OK at best. We try not to buy dressing (did you ever try the ‘erryday Caesar?) because we usually have most, if not all of the ingredients needed for a decent dressing without all of the funk that the bottles seem to include.

Did I tell you that we boughy half of a cow? True story. Me and two of the boys went down to pick it up a few months ago and then realized we had to buy a different freezer for our garage! One that stands up so we can get to the meat easily and since my wife is so organized, that may have had something to do with it as well.  We gave away our smallish chest freezer to a friend that wanted it so two families win!

So this cow gave up his life for us to have some steak. Making a salad that showcases, even enhances the steak seemed appropriate.

“Steakhouse” Dressing

1/2 cup sour cream
3 T fresh horseradish
1 t red wine vinegar
1 t honey
1 T chopped chive
S and P

Just put all of these ingredients in a small bowl and give it whisk or stir until well incorporated.

Salad should be something like your butter lettuce form Costco you used for your lettuce wraps, and at least two heads of Romaine for some crunch but honestly whatever you lying around is probably fine. Oh and don’t forget some steak! We like blue cheese crumbles but goat is also nice. Some chopped green onion or if cool, some pickled red onions. Add some sliced cucumbers and maybe some pecans or almonds and maybe some thinly sliced radishes.  We had some pomegranate seeds lying around from Christmas so chucked those in the other night. They were not only delicious but purdy.


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