The Food Revolution in Snohomish County is just Beginning

Anyone who is following the food world, national and international, has probably stumbled across Jamie Oliver. He is the lispy, British chef and restaurateur-turned-food-activist who has a slew of TV shows, past and present, in the UK as well as here in the US.

Lately, he has been generating all sort of media attention here in the US with his Food Revolution, where he has chronicled the sketchy lunch programs of a couple of US cities after successfully turning around a couple of school districts in his native England. His efforts in Virginia and most recently in Los Angeles have generated tears, disgust, and eye-popping data about our countries public school lunch program.  It is fair to say that this has become a calling of sorts to Jamie and through social media, his websites, and essentially every one of his interviews and media events, he calls out our government repeatedly for not doing enough to feed our children properly during the school day.  I don’t have time enough to go deeper on this, but promise to in future posts. In the meantime, make sure you sign the pledge!

A Revolution is Beginning

Our very own neck of the woods has adopted this revolution as their own, and although not entirely focused on school lunch programs, the goal remains the same, EAT BETTER.

Earlier this year I was sampling out some of our Firebird Chocolate at The Chocolate Box in Seattle near Pike Place Market and was fortunate enough to meet Chris Hudyma and her sweet mother who purchased some chocolate but more importantly, invited me and my little company to be a part of a first annual event in Snohomish County this month!  What a blast!  There were dozens of vendors ranging from local dairies to co-ops, subscription organic produce to chocolate (of course). Every one of these vendors that were marketing their products and services are committed to sustainability, and designing food products that are not only better for our earth but are delicious as well.

Half a Sunday spent discussing USDA organic, Rainforest Alliance chocolate, and introducing some of our Single Origin, Direct Trade coffee from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia, was time well spent. I met some great people from around our region that are doing great things with food.  The vendors were awesome, the event was SO ORGANIZED (they should teach a class!) and their volunteers were second to none.  A special thank you to event organizers Chris Chudyma and Barbara Pardo!

We have so much to be grateful in the Pacific Northwest, with our mild weather, our rich, dark soil, and lets not forget our most important asset, our people.  Pioneers, fierce advocates of our planet, and deeply connected to our dirt, we must do everything we can to support local, independent farmers, grocers, and food suppliers, especially those that are becoming part of this great Food Revolution.

Make sure you follow the Snohomish Food Revolution bring about change on their Facebook page and their page on the Edmonds Community College website.

Thanks for the invite Snohomish Food Revolution! Can’t wait to be invited back next year!



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