The Food Your Mom SHOULD Have Made You!

Now I want all of you to know that I love my mother dearly. There are certain images and memories, I think, of every young man and what their mom used to make at home. Maybe it was a certain holiday dish your mom made you or maybe every Friday night she prepared something special, unique, or even did her best to get your family to follow a religious tradition.  A “taco night” perhaps? Or maybe still no one could touch her meatloaf, casserole, or brownies.

I am not going to try and replace your mom by any means but I must tell you, Moms in the last 25 years had it a little easier then their mothers (your grandma if you can’t do the math). Today we are overwhelmed with frozen food options, value menu items at local fast food restaurants, and there are now even businesses that allow you to come in, pay a huge fee, and pre-prepare a weeks worth of meals! It just isn’t the same. Today’s kids are lucky if their mom can make something, anything, that stands out, that will conjure memories and maybe even some saliva when they grow up and are out of the office, suffering through college dorm room food. I honestly think that dads may now have an inside track! Maybe dads spend their time on the grill and can make some killer ribs, or maybe his responsibility is breakfast on the weekends and his pancakes are better than anything you have EVER had at your friends house much less at a café!  My, how times of changed…

The challenge though is not that your mom is even good or even exemplary, I am sure she is, the real issue though here is that we are competing with the memories, and the fact that the food was probably fixed with much love.  Your mom may have not been perfect, but I would be willing to bet that most of us have some warm and fuzzy moments where mom fixed us some spaghetti, or maybe a cup of hot cocoa and all seemed to be right in the world, at least for a few moments. The sad truth is that the food may not have been that great but simply due to her heartfelt exchange and expression, it probably tasted a lot better than it actually did, at least in your memories.

I am going to publish a series of recipes designed to engage you in, what I think is a fun discussion about child memories, love, and great, or not-so-great food.  This exchange is certainly not designed to bash moms, nor is it to be some statement of gender role reversal or anything else. I genuinely LOVE YOUR MOM.  It is simply a fun way to describe, good, quality, food that we can and should eat during the week. We don’t have to rely on frozen lasagna, pizza pockets, or chain restaurants to make it through the week. NO! We can survive on excellent food that is fairly simple to prepare that is both nutritious and tastes excellent. Whether you’re are a bachelor, a mom or a dad responsible for this weeks menu for the kids, or maybe you are a single person who wants to eat better, stay on a budget and don’t want to sacrifice quality for the sake of convenience. If that is you, than I invite you to join our discussion.

I have taken the time, tried out hundreds of recipes, fed them to kids and dinner guests, and arrived at several consistently good, fairly easy-to-prepare recipes that you can pull out in a pinch, even plan for when trying to figure out what is on the menu for the week. You don’t need to just watch foodie programs on TV nor do you need to get cookbooks from today’s favorite, and renown chefs. Let me do some of that for you, actually, let me facilitate a guide, a sort of online cookbook that is utilitarian, one that you can go to weekly and make you, your significant other, dinner guests, and yes, even your kids happy…this is what your mom should have prepared for YOU!



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