Pike Place Brewing: Pike Monk’s Uncle

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Hello fellow PNWers! Well it has been awhile, I apologize for my lack of presence here, and the sharing of my thoughts on the wonderful God given liquid known as beer. Random tid-bit about beer. Every worker who built the pyramids at Giza received one gallon of beer for everyday of work, that is all they received, that’s kinda awesome right? Anyway on to the brew at hand!

Normally I pick beers from Oregon, but the Pike is, well it is probably my favorite Seattle Brewery. The Pike Monk’s Uncle is Trippel Ale. The Trippel is a strong pale ale. A Trippel is generally associated with Belgium style ale. This ale is light golden in color and produces a nice smooth white and thick head. The aroma is light, florally and sweet.

Monk’s Uncle feels thick on the palette and has complex flavor. I pick up a light fruity flavored followed by a more noticeable and pronounced malty flavor. The Pike used four kinds of malts (two of which are organic) and two types of hops. I felt that there was a good balance; while the IBU is 38, there is a light hop flavor and a heavy malt flavor to follow it up. The fruit and malt stick on the palette well after you finish the beer. Monk’s Uncle has an ABV of 9%. Beer historians suggest that old Belgium ales would mark barrels with one ‘x’ for a 3% two for a 6% and a triple ‘x’ for 9%. All that to say, the Trippel indicates a 9% ABV.

Last thoughts, as you’ll notice I use a taller slimmer goblet for this beer. I chose this for two reasons, the first being that when you order it from The Pike, that is the style of glass they put it in. The second, and more important is, this glass high lights the flavors and aromas of this beer very well. Additionally, the stem allows you to hold the glass while not allowing your body heat to influence the temperature and flavor of the beer. As for food pairings I would recommend you go down to The Pike, order a Monk’s Uncle and a serving of their Mac’n’Cheese and prepare yourself for a divine experience!

Over All-Rating: 8.5

Approachability (for new comers): 9

Flavor: 9

Pour/head: 8

Bouquet:  8


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