OREGON: Widmer Brother Hefeweizen – Guest Post by Matt Anderson

OREGON: Widmer Brother Hefeweizen – Guest Post by Matt Anderson

Guest post by Matt Anderson.

Ah the Hefeweizen. This was one of the first beers that I ever tasted many years ago, and by many, I mean 6. Anyway, I decided to diverge from my normal trend of amber to dark colored beers and choose something lighter. I tend to drink beers that I feel go with the season. Lighter beers in the summer, for their ‘cooling’ effect and darker beers, in the winter (and the rest of the year too, because really I love dark beers.)

The Widmer Bros. Hefeweizen (WBH) looked so beautiful being poured out of the bottle into the glass. The different colors that beers take on really excite me for some reason. The light gold color and the cloudy nature of the WBH got my mouth watering. As is my custom I breathed in the bouquet of the beer before drinking. As I expected there were light citrus notes, in addition there is a light floral accent to the aroma, which is common in many ‘Hefs’.

With my first sip I was overwhelmed with a light lemon flavor and what I can really only describe as, wheatiness. This makes sense since ‘Hefs’ are wheat beers! This beer goes down smooth and is refreshing. The citrus/lemon flavor lingers on the back and sides of the palate in the after taste. This beer is a 4.9% abv beer, and is available year round from Widmer. I like keeping it traditional, so when the weather gets warm go grab a 6 pack, and a friend, and make him watch you drink it while you shoot the breeze.

As you will notice from my photo, I used a tall glass with a narrow bottom that grows as we near the top of the glass, cutting back in at the very top. This glass is a traditional wheat beer glass. Now it is not a requisite to have this kind of glass to drink wheat ale, but it definitely enhances the experience. In addition, garnish the beer with a lemon. I would even recommend taking a bite of a lemon in between sips to see how it enhances the flavoring of the beer.

Over All-Rating: 8.75

Approachability (for new comers): 10

Flavor: 8

Pour/head: 8

Bouquet:  9


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