A Quick Guide To Tea

A Quick Guide To Tea

Compared to coffee, good quality Yerbas Mate Tea can be a lovely way to perk up and enjoy a flavorful hot beverage. Compared to its java counterpart, you see that even Black Tea has only half the caffeine content that black coffee does. Here is a quick guide to your favorites:

  • Herbal/rooibos: 0
  • Decaf Tea: 4 mg
  • White Tea: 15 mg
  • Oolong Tea: 30 mg
  • Green Tea: 30 mg
  • Black Tea: 50 mg
  • Coffee: 100 mg
  • the most flavorful of teas, black teas are oxidized for longer than their green and oolong counterparts, creating stronger aromas and robust tastes. Expect full-bodied, rich flavors, and colors ranging from black to dark red.
  • This traditional Chinese tea is made from leaves that aren’t oxidized as long as black tea leaves, producing flavors that range from earthy to toasty to seaweedy. Expect the color to be … well, green! Though sometimes it could look yellow-ish.

    Reported Benefits: There’s a bunch: increased metabolism, lower cholesterol, and possibly decreased risk of heart failure.

    Masala chai tea

    Take black tea and add ginger and cardamon (and sometimes cinnamon, clove, or anise), then serve it with milk and sugar, and you get masala chai. This tea is especially popular in India, but it has found a home in contemporary Western coffeehouses in the last few decades.

    Reported Benefits: Some studies have shown that black tea could reduce the risk of stroke, regulate cholesterol, and lower blood pressure.

Ideal Brewing Times for Tea

Regardless of your preference, like a good french press of coffee, there really is an IDEAL brewing/steeping time for your favorite tea. Here is a quick resource.

Black: 3-5 mins

Green: 2 mins

Oolong: 3-7 mins

White: 2-5 mins

Pu Erh 3-5 mins

Rooibos: 2-5 mins

Source: Market Spice at Pike Place Market

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