Irishmikesmith.com is a website and podcast devoted to the faith, family, food, and farming.


Not just about faith, but a lot of it is. Certainly intended to be inspirational and fun. My faith has anchored me and even helped get me through some pretty intense times. I will always consider this the most important part of me.


Outside of my faith, my family is and has been the priority.  Along the way, I have written about many of our adventures. Camping, fishing, youth sports, the kids’ accomplishments and so much more.


One of the things I love to do is cook. It unwinds me. It provides therapy. It keeps me creative and challenges me in ways so many other things simply can not. I didn’t want to be “that guy” and simply post a bunch of random recipes, but wanted to do something both fun and purposeful. My cooking section contains recipes, tips and tricks, and fun how-to sections on topics that matter to me. Sometimes we have to push ourselves, especially in this day and age where so much food is so close…we barely have to work for it. What if we could learn how to make homemade pasta for our family once a month, or maybe a few cheeses to keep on hand for snacking or to “wow” your guests? How about cooking for the kids, the wife, the significant other, the potluck? Enjoy.

The Eating Out section is about just that, eating out in and around Seattle, East King County, my hometown of Spokane, and when get up and get out, on the road.  When traveling, I eat and drink the same way; local, referral, out of the way, non-mainstream eats.

My Artisan and DIY section is a fun blend of modern pioneering, farm-steading and good old-fashioned do-it-yourself, I like to catalog ideas around the home that hopefully inspire you to do more yourself. I have learned to make liqueurs, extracts, bitters, hard cider, beer, cheese, vinegars, and lots of bread. The goal is to build our own pantry with things we make, ideally from things we grow, raise, or barter for.

Someone said we need to write to learn and not to teach. I am trying to do that with some of the “nerdy” notes on food history and facts. These little posts certainly don’t cover all of it, but might help in a trivia contest!

I am asked a lot for recipes so I decided to try my best to catalog them in a simple way by section in my recipe index. Fun to browse and try something new!


We bought a farm several years ago and with that we have many projects that we have worked on as we learn how to raise animals for food, fix fences, build fun things like smokers, butcher rooms, and so much more.  I like sharing it here but you can find out more information about our farm on our farm website.  I like to make things too. When they work and people show interest in them, I have them available to sell. All handmade and small-batch items. Mostly made ourselves with the occasional “hand-selected” item from other small-batch friends I have made over the years. Think of it as a collection of things we like and think you will like too. All of these store items are on my Blacksmith Trading Company website. You could call it our farm store.


I would love to hear from you for any reason, including advertising, but especially about food, wine, and beer in Washington, chocolate, coffee, or non profit work. Here’s how: Phone: 425.324.6030 Email: irishmikesmith at gee male dot com.

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We think you will like it here.

Our journey to own our own farm goes back awhile and our dream came true in the Spring of 2020. We are Mike and Dominica, 6 kids, and a whole bunch of animals.

We invite you to hang out with us here or on our little property near Lake Joy in Carnation, WA.

We sell a few things. We have classes that we host ranging from cast iron care to pickling. We sell meat shares of our beef, pork and chickens. We even sell eggs and some produce!

We make things too.  You can shop our line of bitters, spice rubs, candles, and so much more under our Blacksmith Trading Company line of straight-from-the-farm products.