BELLEVUE – Gilbert’s on Main

Gilbert’s on Main in Old Bellevue has been referred to me so many times, I may have lost count. I was finally able to stop by for lunch with, I must say, high expectations. Consistently nominated and usual winner for Best Breakfast, Brunch and Business lunch locale in Bellevue (Seattle Times Reader’s Poll), this self described NY-style deli has a warm, bright, and yet mellow atmosphere. Feels like you could sit down with your family, a date, and even get some business done.  I ordered the house-made Matzo Ball Soup and added a Turkey, Swiss, and Cole Slaw on Sesame Bagel for lunch.  Very simply prepared, and very tasty, I can now see why this simple restaurant concept is a winner for the downtown Bellevue folks. Best part? The breakfast menu and fact that they have live music on Saturday’s and Sunday’s in the AM (yep, no typo…live music for brunch on the weekends). Worst part? I try and stay ultra positive but was disappointed in fact that they get their bagels from one of the big national chains, and get their bread for the sandwiches from a big regional bread maker and not from one of our many great, independent bagel or bakery shops, of which we have so many awesome ones! 

But, let me tell you that this place is worth the visit. Grab some coffee, a bagel or light lunch, and walk through Old Bellevue and check out some of the other great restaurants, chocolate shops, and other unique shopping.

How to get there: Gilbert’s on Main 10024 Main St., Bellevue Way, Bellevue WA 

(Off Bellevue Way, on Main in Old Bellevue near the end of the retail area)





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  • Thanks Mike! Which bagel chain do they get their bagels from?? I’m still looking for a fabulous NY style, boiled bagel shop on the Eastside. I have to go all the way to Bagel Oasis to get my fix!!

    • I think they used to get them from Noah’s, maybe Einstein now? Heck, they may have switched to Blazing, which would be awesome. If you haven’t tried Eltana on Capitol Hill in Seattle does Montreal-style bagels. Boiled and then finished in a wood burning oven!

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