Cheese 101 – Caring for Cheese by Calf & Kid

Cheese 101 – Caring for Cheese by Calf & Kid


Reprinted with permission from Calf & Kid, Seattle WA

Storing Cheese

Cheese is alive, and like all living things, it needs to breathe. Fresh cheeses should be eaten within a few days after purchase, while aged cheeses may store well several days when properly cared for. Most cheeses will store best loosely wrapped in the cheese paper they are sold in. Some more delicate cheeses like bloomy rind, surface ripened cheese, will store best in a plastic container with some air holes poked in the lid. The very best storage for your cheese? Your tummy!

Serving your Cheese

Always serve cheese at room temperature! Nothing can ruin an amazing cheese experience like eating it cold. Try this out by tasting a cheese when cold and again when it is up to room temp, you won’t believe the difference. Prior to serving, unwrap your cheese selections and let them sit out on a clean cutting board or cheese board for at least 30-45 minutes before eating. This is definitely an exercise in patience, which is why drinks and friends were invited. Have a glass of your favorite, some good conversation, and the magical time will arrive before you know it.

Caring for your Cheese

In general, cheese is not meant to store for long periods of time once it leaves its cave. However, there are a few things you can do to lengthen the life of your cheese in your home refrigerator.

  • Eat some cheese every day! Or at least check on it every couple of days and watch for anything that looks or smells funky.
  • If you notice mold developing, scrape or slice it off immediately then store cheese in a clean container.
  • Let your tastebuds guide you – some people love cheese when it smells like an alligator’s armpit, some don’t, just as long as you enjoy it!

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