SEATTLE/BELLEVUE: Henry’s Taiwan Plus – Guest Post by Tiffany Ran

SEATTLE/BELLEVUE: Henry’s Taiwan Plus – Guest Post by Tiffany Ran

Guest post by  Tiffany Ran, the Foodbeat Ethnic Food Contributor, and writes for various publications in Seattle. 

It wasn’t the most graceful moment. I slurped my bowl of noodles, my forehead beaded with sweat, nose running, and in pure delight over my savory facial.

Knife Cut Noodles with Chicken
The Plain Noodle Soup at Henry’s Taiwan Plus, is anything but. Its Chinese name— translated as Sun Spring Noodles—conveys the comforting nature of this dish, a belly full of springtime warmth. The dish is unique to Seattle, said owner Henry Ku.

Plain noodle soup (a.k.a. Sun Spring Noodle Soup)
“No one in Seattle would make this,” said Ku. “It’s very difficult to make.”

The key to the dish is the soup, a savory, light broth sweetened with a handful of chives and bean sprouts. At first bite, I was taken back to the streets of Taipei, where street vendors pile on the noodle love at late night hours. Also unique to Seattle is the Crispy Fried Sparerib served over rice, the lunchbox meal of every Taiwanese kid’s dream.

Pan fried Chive Pockets
From a greater array of dim sum to extra rice dishes, knife cut noodles, soups, and sweet desserts, Henry’s dishes draws inspiration from street food, restaurant dishes, and homegrown favorites.

“My beef noodle soup doesn’t lose out to the ones in Taiwan,” said Ku.

Both dishes inspire arguments among locals about where to get the best, but in Seattle, Henry’s is the place. The beef noodle soup, has a lighter broth, offering a new way to try the dish that is made both ways in Taiwan, richly dark or light. Other must-trys include the miso cod (a throwback to the Japanese influence in Taiwanese cuisine), pan-fried hambow dumplings (handmade!), and the three cup chicken (braised in soy sauce and rice wine until dark, caramelized, and sexy). The dishes served in Henry’s two other restaurants—one only a few stores down on King Street, and another in Bellevue— vary, but the menu at Henry’s Taiwan Plus adds new understanding to the multifaceted nature of Taiwan’s cuisine, a place to dine for those looking to dig deeper.

3 Cup Chicken

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