Friday Happy Hour: Full Sail’s Wassail vs. Deschutes Jubeale

Friday Happy Hour: Full Sail’s Wassail vs. Deschutes Jubeale

Full Sail’s Wassail vs. Deschutes Jubelale

Guest blog post by Matt Anderson.  You can follow Matt on Twitter @supermatt28.

On the heels of the head-to-head by Bill and I on the Night Owl, and following the example of my fellow writer Bill, I am going to be doing my own head to head. While these two beers are different, they are both winter ales, and thus why I chose them.


The Wassail, from Hood River’s Full Sail Brewing, gives off the appearance of a medium brewed coffee, which being a coffee makes me happy! The head of this ale is a tan color and settles on the top of the beer for a short time after the pour. When held up to light this beer is brightened to a dark amber.

Jubelale, from one of Oregon’s finest, Deschutes Brewery, has a lighter color than the Wassail, however it is still a dark red color. Typically when I think about a winter ale a very dark brown or even black color comes to mind. The head is an off white with a brownish red tinge to it and sits on the top of the ale for a long time.


Wassail’s has a complex aroma, is has an initial sweet smell, that ends in a hoppy smell. The Jubelale smells of warm vanilla and the aroma of hops faintly appears in the background as well. An intriguing aroma to say the least.


Full Sail’s Wassail has a well-balanced flavor. The malts provide a warm and slightly sweet flavor, while the hops, which bring this beer to an IBU rating of 56, finish with a nice bitterness. The malts and hops balance out, so that the hops do not overwhelm ones mouth, but instead bring a smile to your face.

Julelale has a more hoppy flavor than the Wassail. This characteristic causes an earthy tasting beer with a sweet and bitter finish from the hops and malts mingling together. Brown sugar plays on the front of the tongue while the hops dominate the sides and back of the tongue. Over all a delightfully complex experience.

Final Say

While the Wassail feels more like a winter ale to me, with it’s dark color and warm flavor, the Jubelale is also a pleasant winter beer experience. Only because of my beer drinking preferences would I pick up the Jubelale over the Wassail. In reality both of these beers are delicious and worth trying. Head out to your local grocer and pick up a 6 pack (or 12-pack) of these beers and enjoy them with friends, family or by yourself, if your selfish like me. Prost!!


Over All-Rating: 8

Approachability (for new comers): 9

Flavor: 8

Pour/head: 7

Bouquet: 8


Over All-Rating: 8.5

Approachability (for new comers): 8

Flavor: 9

Pour/head: 8

Bouquet: 9



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