Friday Wrap Up

Friday Wrap Up

Friday Wrap Up 3

What a week! Is it just me or is time going by faster and faster? I was warned that as my kids get older, time would only move along quicker. They are right. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was depressed over the Seahawks game??
It’s a big week in the Smith home for football. Nate’s varsity team is playing their rival, O’Dea (the only all boys Catholic school left in WA state) and Jackson has his win-or-go-home playoff game Saturday night! Oh and my beloved Huskies are playing the (cough) Oregon Ducks and ND is playing Florida State. Maybe the Seahawks will bounce back too? Bottom line…it will either be a GREAT weekend or I will be depressed.

My kid sister had a birthday this week. She won’t let me tell you how old she is but…if you are keeping score at home, we have been Irish twins now for a long time (heehee)!

I am feeling really good about my career lately. It is amazing when you have a) your head fully engaged and b) you focus on the activities and trust that the results will follow. I honestly think that writing and journalling helps a lot. Therapy I guess. Speaking of writing, I read and reread this article several times about the 11 Commandments of Writing and always seem to discover something new.

One of the cardinal sins is reading more than one book at a time but I can’t help it for some reason. It must be because each are so different. I am reading Catching Fire (ha, no not the Hunger Games), War and Honey, and Thou Shall Prosper. I will let you know how they go but enjoying each on their own.

My sister and I have been experiementing with coffee lately. Some of the hipster brands have made it into the home for the iced coffee concentrate. We have tried Caffe Vita (Caffe del Sol), Stumptown (Hairbender), Intelligentsia (a single origin from Costa Rica), and keep coming back to Caffe Lusso, specifically their Harar or Columbia.

Cousins were in town last week and went on a coffee tour of sorts in and around Seattle. They hit up Milstead and Co., Zoka, Espresso Vivace, Victrola, and Herkimer. Pretty nice line-up. Believe it or not, I think Zoka won for best pour over, Vivace for best latte, and Milstead for cool and hipster environs.

This past week I made a new pizza that I keep salivating over ever since. I fermented the dough for two days and then did thinly sliced Yukon Gold Potato, Rosemary, and crispy guanciale one one pizza, slow cooker BBQ chicken on another (with mozz), and sliced fig, goat cheese, and carmelized onions on the third!  Unbelievable!

This weekend, I am going to make pork ragu which is probably my most favorite braised dish right now. Will share recipe soon.

Have a good one and Go Cru, Huskies, ND Irish, and Hawks!

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