Proper British Bacon


British Flag before the stormWho says you can’t get proper British bacon in the Seattle area? I know of two really good locations, both of which I have enjoyed at home. Curious as to the difference between “British” and “American” bacon. Here you go!

American cuts of bacon typically come from the pork belly whereas the UK commonly get their “rashers” (slices) from the back of the pig.

Now check out these two great local businesses if you are missing the food of the British Isles.

AuburnProper British Bacon & Meats

These guys down south make it themselves and even deliver to Microsoft’s campus! Other tasty bits include cheese, Haggis, and wild game.  I first sampled some of their meats at a local Farmer’s Market. They do an excellent job, are fiercely authentic, and are doing a great service to our resident British ex pats.

RedmondThe British Pantry

The British Pantry is a home away from home for our friends across the Atlantic.  Nestled off of Redmond way, they boast a restaurant and a pub that book end their great store with many pantry items that include British treats, pastry (most made right there), pantry items (think HP, Marmite, etc.), gifts, and of course proper English cheese and meats. Doesn’t appear these are made here, rather are imported from the island. So grab a pint of Newcastle at the pub, maybe a fish and chip and load up your grocery cart with Yukon Jack’s best.

Stay tuned this fall for a post on making/curing bacon in my “Artisanal at Home” section.

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