Recipe Index

The Pantry and DIY Project

Beef Stock
Chicken Stock
Every Day Caesar Dressing
Every Day Vinaigrette
“Fake Shack” Sauce
Fry Sauce
Granny’s hard boiled eggs
Horseradish Cream
No Knead Artisan Bread
Pate Brisee (pie dough)
Simple Syrup
Smoked Ice Cubes
Steakhouse Dressing
Taco Seasoning
Teriyaki Sauce
Poppyseed Dressing
Pickling Spice
Middle Eastern Sumac/Sour Cream Sauce
Pumpkin Spice Syrup


Velvety Scrambled Eggs
The Omelet – 3 Ways
Firebird Cocoa Crunch Cereal
Perfect “healthy” Waffles
Buttermilk Pancakes
Pancakes – Two Ways

Coffee & Tea

French Press
V60 Pour Over
Cold Brew
Matcha at Home
Guide to Tea at Home
Pumpkin Spice Syrup
Homemade Hot Chocolate

Sides, Snacks and Starters

Swiss Chard (Inspired by Etta’s)
Quick Freezer Jam
Beef Jerky – 4 Ways
Side Dish Roasted Potatoes
Pickled Red Onions
Roasted Whole Cauliflower
Fry Sauce
Horseradish Cream
Bean Dish
“Middle Eastern” Sour Cream Sumac Sauce (Yotam Ottolenghi)
“Fake” Shack Sauce
Tartar Sauce

Soup and Salad

Teriyaki Chicken Salad
Zuppa Toscana (inspired by Olive Garden)
Chicken and Wild Rice Soup
Late Harvest Tomato Soup
Polish Cabbage and Kielbasa Soup
Sausage, Kale, Tomato and White Bean Stew
Everyday “Mustardy” Vinaigrette
Caesar Dressing
Insalate Napoli
Steakhouse Dressing
“Mac Attack” Potato Salad
Bean Dish (inspired by my Gram)
Grilled Radicchio and Arugula Salad


Linguine Carbonara
Chicken Tetrazini
“Martha’s” Mac and Cheese (featuring Beecher’s Flagship Cheddar)
Penne a la Vodka
Macaroni and Beef

Chicken and other Birds

Chicken Enchiladas (kid friendly version)
Paralysis-Free Roast Chicken
Chicken & Sausage & Potato Skillet Dinner
BBQ Chicken Sandwiches
“P.F. Chang-Style” Lettuce Wraps (Asian Tacos)
Chicken Wings – 4 Ways
Thai Peanut Bowls
Chicken Perloo
Smoked Chicken


Porcupine Meatballs (Adapted from Dinner: A Love Story)
How to Cook a Perfect Steak
“Bulk” Italian Sausage
Mustardy Pork Chops with Apples
Home Cured Bacon
Home Cured Pastrami
Homemade Pancetta
Corned Beef
“Mexican” Bulk Chorizo
Pork Braised in Milk (Marcella Hazan)
“Swedish” Meatballs
Homemade Jerky – 4 Ways
Pulled Pork
“Firehouse” Meatloaf
Choucrote Garni
Tater Tot Casserole
Hamburger Steak
Fajitas – 3 Ways


Fish and Chips
Fish en Papillote (presents)
Salmon – 2 Ways

Bread, Desserts and Treats

Cocoa Nib Crunchies
Firebird Fudgy Brownies
Hot Fudge (inspired by Ghirardelli)
Salted Caramel Popcorn
No Knead Artisan Bread
Lemon & Sour Cherry Coffee Cake
Davenport Hotel Coffee Cake
Homemade Cocoa Crunch Cereal
Pumpkin Bars
Sweet Corn Muffins
Classic Brioche
Scottish Shortbread

Everyday Cooking

Chicken Stock
Granny’s Hard-boiled Eggs
Pickling Spice
Taco Seasoning
Pate Brisee – basic pie dough

Cheese at Home



Everyday Pizza Dough
Pizza – 3 Ways (including breakfast!)


Old Fashioned
The Martinez
Dark and Stormy
Applejack Cocktails
The Black and Tan
Gin Drinks
The Metropolitan
The Boulevardier
Holiday Egg Nog
Ginger Creek Bourbon Punch
Bloody Mary
Amalfi Tonic
Bourbon Sour
Irish Coffee
Homemade Irish Cream
Vesper Martini
“Italian” Berry Mule
Woo Woo

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