Success – Where can you add 1 Degree?

Success – Where can you add 1 Degree?

I had to share this…we can always use a pep talk on what success is and isn’t (Check out this great piece from John Maxwell’s blog too).  I know I have been meditating a lot about this principle lately. I have been reading biographies, anecdotes, and profiles of people around the world, in various professions who have achieved a certain level of success.

I suppose that as a man, to really grow, we have to be inspired by others, wrestle with our own meaning of the word, and then execute the life we ultimately want, whether by default or by choice.  So whether you are a professional, a parent, or a young person, I challenge you to consider what success means to YOU!  I hope this encourages you as it did me.


We all have the potential to go further than we have already gone. What will it take to reach new heights in a challenging  market? First we must have a quiet, calm, sustainable confidence. This confidence comes from being a true expert who delivers great Customer experience and real value to customers. Let’s examine the word success and several traits of successful people.

The first trait is STRATEGY-Do I have a vision and plan for my business and life? Without strategy you have no map to success. A good start to formulating a strategy is to look for any areas where you do not have certainty in what you are doing.

The “U” of success is UNIQUENESS-Are you committed to being unique? Do you have a unique selling proposition that you can explain in 30 seconds or less without hesitation? If looking for a job, can you quickly and concisely convey your value to a potential employer? Ask yourself where the greatest opportunity exists to differentiate your self from the competition.

The next area is CONCENTRATION – What one or two things if I really focused on them would create the best results and give me the most joy?

Another “C” is CONNECTING – It is all about relationships. How deep are your relationships? How do you go deeper? Can you name the 3-5 things that are most important to each of your referral partners when it comes to their relationship with you? My boss recently shared with me that we are essentially made up of the top 4-5 people we spend the most time with. Who are YOU spending time with and are they a source of deposit, or withdrawal?

“E” is for EXCELLENCE – Where am I average? You have to choose to improve.  This is a huge point for me personally. Sometimes I feel I get to that proverbial glass ceiling. I can see what is above and that there is more, but I just can’t break through!

The next “S” is SIMPLICITY – Where have you made things too confusing?  Create a compelling but easy to understand business platform. Make your value obvious. Are there areas that you can simplify? I have been more productive and have had a simpler, richer life since I adopted a new time management tool, which I will talk about in a future post.

The final “S” is SIGNIFICANCE – This area goes way beyond just doing your work (even if your work consists of looking for work). You need to be passionate about what you do in order to have true success.  There are all kinds of resources out there to encourage us. Self Help books, DVDs, conferences, and more…but we must all ask ourselves constantly, what matters most?

These traits together spell SUCCESS. For some of you, success in 2012 might be just a simple add or subtract to what you are already doing. Water is really hot at 211 degrees but at 212 degrees it is boiling. Where can you add one degree?

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