Summer Round-Up

Summer Round-Up



know I stole the post title from DALs, but hey, it works!

I am working on tweaking my blog this summer because I think it needs a little TLC.  I am going to try and do a few new things that I think my 13 fans will enjoy.

First, I will try to do posts like these every 1-3 weeks, at the end of a week most likely.They will be a collection of thoughts, tidbits in the Smith life, things I find interesting in that season, and so on. There will be links and such too, which you will probably enjoy. Random? Sure…a little, but it will be more fun. I will let you know about the others as they come out. That cool?

It has been a LOOONNNGGG time since I read a full book over a weekend. I typically don’t have the time. But over the 4th, all of the boys were somewhere else ALL WEEKEND. Besides the fact that I stopped showering and started twitching, I read a book. This book to be exact and I love it!  I also wrote about it earlier in the week.

Oh, the book I am reading right now? Well its this awesome book.

I made two “mix tapes” – remember those?  I drive a lot during the day so wanted some new music to sing a long to. I made a couple of tapes (OK playlists) with a mix of artists that include: Led Zeppelin, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, OneRepublic, Fifth Dimension, Toto (Nate hates Toto), ADELE, Bette Midler, Journey, Neil Diamond, and a bunch of others. Its a good summer set list.

In the kitchen (patio rather), I am grilling some prosciutto-wrapped lake trout tonight and serving a nice salad and some other grilled veg. It will be delicious and I will probably post something on my Instagram page.

Its pretty hot this week by Seattle-area standards but for some reason my home has AC! Come on over!

I ain’t gonna lie, I am looking forward to the World Cup being over. Soccer fans are nutty.  American football is less than a month away and I am starting to itch. Favorite teams?  UW Huskies (alma mater), Notre Dame (hey, I grew up Catholic…and my name is “Irish” Mike people!), Seattle Seahawks, and the Eastside Catholic Crusaders (Nate should make the Varsity this year and they were state runner-up to the almighty Bellevue High the past TWO years so not too shabby).

I really want one of these. I have wanted one for a long time…maybe this is the summer!

Oh, and the awesome coffee that I rep?  We are now on the shelves at the Whole Foods Markets in Bellevue so pick some up! They are pushing our Guatemala Trapichitos, our Ethiopian Harar, our Espresso Blend, and our Sumatra Gayo Aceh.

Happy Eating!

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