I think being called a “cake eater” is a compliment…I mean, who doesn’t like cake?  One of my favorite comedians is Jim Gaffigan and he does a hilarious bit on eating cake.  You can catch a clip on this bit here.

Cupcakes have been the rage now for several years which cracks me up since not only have cupcakes been around, oh, FOREVER, but they are just mini cakes!  The girls who own these places, no offense, but don’t look like the typical bakery owner…they are middle aged women who were probably part of a scrap booking club just a few years before.  They made a cupcake for one of their parties, and someone said “hey, you should sell these!” and the rest as they say is history.  The Seattle area,  like other big cosmopolitan towns has several GREAT choices when wanting to get a cupcake and since the girls that run these places are pretty good at what they do, they make a GREAT Mother’s day gift.  Here are a few of the local favorites:
  • Sweet Cakes: This Kirkland location (in that cool little street off Lake Wash Blvd with the angle parking) has probably the largest gluten free selection that I know of in town. Although not totally a GF bakery, they DO go out of their way to provide delicious GF cupcakes, cookies, etc.  They also have two killer woopie pies you should definitely check out. Staff are great, and Mom would be happy.  http://www.sweetcakeskirkland.com/.
  • Trophy Cupcakes: Trophy has three stores, one in Bellevue, one in U Village, and one in Wallingford. So far one of the best red velvet cupcakes I have had. Always doing fun promos. http://www.trophycupcakes.com/
  • Cupcake Royale: With 5 locations (Cap Hill, Bellevue, Madrona, West Seattle, and Ballard) these guys not only put out great cupcakes but they are fricking gol dern hilarious!  Check out some of their buttons, t shirts, and other art…love it. http://www.cupcakeroyale.com/
  • New York Cupcakes: This Crossroads (Bellevue) location was one of the first I visited in the King County area. Let me be clear, this is NOT a chain, there is just one store and it is here. Great shop, great staff, and great cupcakes!  http://www.newyorkcupcakes.com/.
  • Confetti Cupcakes: As far as I know this is the only cupcakes locale in Issaquah. Located on Front street, this lady puts out great cupcakes. Try the Ding Dong, the Oreo, and the Salted Caramel.  O and don’t forget the frosting shots. If in Issaquah or Sammamish,  you should definitely check this place out. http://www.confetti-cupcakes.com/.
There will always be more options for cupcakes, all of you fellow cake-eaters, and maybe just maybe the trend is fading…but if you have sweet teeth (not just a tooth), then check one of these NW favorites and make sure mom has extra…if you don’t want to buy any, I will soon be posting the greatest, simplest cupcake recipe in history.

Next up: PIES are the NEW CUPCAKE

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