Breakfast in Seattle – Third Stop, Tilikum Place Cafe

Breakfast in Seattle – Third Stop, Tilikum Place Cafe

Breakfast in Seattle – Third Stop, Tilikum Place Cafe

Simple post really. I have wanted to eat at this Seattle restaurant since it opened. Always appearing in “best of Seattle” magazines and so on, Tilikum Place Cafe is in that weird intersection off of the Monorail line and Denny. I think there is a statue of Chief Sealth in the triangle…but not totally sure.

But that isn’t the point! The point is food and great food in Seattle, and I am adding Tilikum Place Cafe as one of the Top 3 Breakfast spots and coffee roasters in the Emerald City. Missed the last two posts? Portage Bay and Toulouse Petit, well catch up will you?!

I finally made it and you know what? All of the hype is warranted. This is easily in the Top 3, not sure if it is possible to crack this short list and trust me, there are some GREAT breakfast spots in Seattle.

 Cast Iron Baked Eggs and Leeks

A quaint place, not a lot of tables, nice decor, yet hard-to-find, this now 3-year Seattle establishment is a great place to get organic/all-natural and mostly seasonal breakfast. I had the baked eggs, over leeks, some nice local herbs, and a side of housemade sausage.  It was excellent.

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  • It is wonderful to have you back in town doing what you love sanhirg your awesome gourmet culinary skills! My lunch was fantastic today!!! A spinach salad which was the BEST I have ever had. It is so good to have you back. Not only was the food outstanding, you made me feel like a rock star visiting my table (on your knees ) to fill me in on your brief time away from Route 140. Welcome back, James and Coryn!! A Hidden Jewel is correct!!!! Cannot wait to see you soon!!

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